All the people tell me so...but what do all the people know?

I think I have mentioned this before...I love me some black and white photography. I always mix in some black and white images into the packages I make for clients. I know it's not for everyone, but how could you resist?

The photos seem fancy to me when they are printed in this sort of noisy, high "contrasty", back and white. Trust me, I go round and round in editing making the perfect "shade" of black and white that I like isn't easy.

...and then you get this...the perfect shade of green grass (blown out tremendously..gotta love the 70-200 at 2.8) and the blue-green eyes of a child. Swoooon. And then you know..yes indeed, we need color photography too.

Thank you so much for your visits..and thank you for your comments! I always love to hear form you.