...and a Happy New Year Too!

Wishing you the best of everything in 2011!

I feel a little left out around New Years.. I don't pick a word, I don't make a pledge, I don't make resolutions.. none of that here. Sometimes when you see such a large group of people (not to mention the news and the media) making such a big deal out of something you don't do, it's hard not to feel like you might be doing something wrong.

And good lord..no..I am not pledging to start a diet or a work out tomorrow either.

I'm not starting because I diet every day. I know my work out routine every day and I try to do the best job at everything every day, not just January 1st. I also know myself and I know that if I make some sort of announcement surrounding a word or theme I am going to work on every day in 2011 I am going to be incredibly bored.

That's me. I know some people need that sort of public announcement to keep going.. I also don't doubt that the community making the declarations and resolutions helps eachother out..but how many people really come around to November 30th and have had excellent 11 month success with their January 1st promise? I've never heard a news story about that.

So whatever you do, just have fun and be yourself...be BETTER. Every day. Isn't that a lot easier than a chart, promise, pinky swear or declaration? Go like the Nikes....Just Do It.

Thank you for your support and friendship through the years. I can't wait to see what the new year will bring us!