A New Portal..Best of 2010 (cont.)

2010 was the year of "Julie the Artist". By now, the feelings of trying to belong in a new community were out the window and I truly started making things for me. Chris Cozen further inspired my painting as we continued to work together and I was a lot happier a lot more of the time with what I was creating. When asked what my "job" was, I happily replied, "I am an artist" much more confidently than the year before.

This 9x12" painting is called "Portal". The acrylic paint contains a lot of what I call "special effect" paint which in this case is Micaceous Iron Oxide and Iridescent Steel. 2010 is also the year in which I can spell m-i-c-a-c-e-o-u-s without having to look it up.

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