I am enjoying incorporating flaps and folds in my art journal, makes things more interactive. I'm interactive..most of the time..

I was having a conversation with my friend who is a self proclaimed nerd. He was telling me about the future. iPad, apps...information..where things are headed..the extinction of web sites. He kept telling me how important it was that I kept up with the future. Part of me wants to settle in with what I am comfortable with...take it easy..but my nerd side wants to be with the latest and greatest. Think about it.. If we did not get out of our comfort zone we'd still be listening to 8-Track..or standing in line at the bank...or even paying bills by way of the USPS. Change is good. I assured him that I would not get left behind..

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I've been on the computer so much my hands are killing me.. sorry for the lapse in courtesy return emails lately..I feel like the claw.

Cute wooden bird cage embellishment from Paper Tales.