There was a blog post, an etsy link and a few clicks.

I couldn't only get one, because then when I was sleeping, she would be bored. So I bought two.

So here they are..all the way from Australia..and recently featured in Stuffed magazine.

How freaking CUTE are they? This is the kind of art that I wish filled store shelves..this is what I wish I could shower my daughter with..but alas, if it aint got no Disney Princess on it..don't get me started...

So about the free lunch... what I have been thinking about these days...

People do not appreciate free things. I've said it. Well maybe they appreciate it...but do they APPRECIATE it?

Is it true? Of course the people who win free cars and have been through various hardships appreciate their free car...I'm talking smaller picture. If you give away your services...or your it appreciated as much as say the same art that say costs $200? How is it that most people assign value to something. I want to know.

When I was starting to take in photography clients, I offered free sessions. They were a burden and time consuming for me..did they result  in more business? Nope. Thankfully, I am booking more sessions now that I am charging for them than when I wasn't. So why is that?

I used to give away free art classes to drive traffic to my blog and website. Did it work? Meh.. Not really. The free student who lands a workshop in their lap seldom participates in the workshop..... it is what it was.. a free workshop. More work for me, on top of work I already have to provide all of the paying students. Work? Heck yes..anytime I sit her at the computer it's or not. So where does that leave us?

I guess the point I am trying to make here is not to devalue yourself. You're an artist, you're a seamstress, you're a whatever. You ARE, and you WILL. I don't really see the need to offer free things for self promotion. What do you think?

I'm off to gorilla the park.. Rosie and Mouse will be here to take your call.