No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

I'm running around over here with so many projects lined up...most importantly, the annual Holloween costume is breathing down my neck. Last night I even woke up in a panic thinking it was the day before Halloween and I hadn't started sewing. I'll get there. I'm busy, but I like what I am doing.

I had to ship a small package off the other day and instead of picking up a store bought thank you card (and god knows I am loaded with boxed stationary over here), I sat down, cut, glued, stamped and sewed this card. I like it so much better than the store bought cards. I like that it looks home made, yet still "rad" in my opinion...and I hope that the recipient stops to take a long look at it. Will they? I don't know...but these thoughts bring a bunch of questions to the forefront of my mind about art, crafts and the universe. I'll be back on Wednesday to deliberate with you all. Will you be back then to humor me?

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