Feeling: Classic.

In the film days, I hardly ever shot in color. I can probably count the number of Kodachrome rolls I shot on both hands. Black and white seems to me more like a moment caught in time. I find the shots are more dramatic and I feel that my eyes linger on them more so than their color counterparts.

Of course now in the digital age, we can alter the color of any photo in a matter of seconds. Click click click..but now instead of paying attention to the chemical temperatures and levels, I agonize over the black and white levels of the photo. Too bright? Too dark? Too much noise? Noise, yes? No? The possibilities are endless.

I was in line the other day and there was a high school student in front of me with her mother. I immediately recognized a Leica camera strapped around the student's neck. When I started a conversation with her, I was happy to find out that she indeed was shooting film and that they were still teaching the basics in high school. She told me proudly that she processes all of her own pictures and her mom told me that her daughter was taking really great pictures already. I felt really happy....I remember those days.