All Flights to Texture Town Now Boarding!

Texture town is not about throwing modeling paste onto canvas and calling it a day. It's about applying texture simply at first and then into more advanced layering techniques. It's about then using paint to enhance and beautify the texture you have applied. It's about colors found in nature. It's about rust, depth,'s about Texture. Texture Town is open to ALL levels of expertise...and yes, absolute beginners will be able to participate- we will help you.

Texture Town opens tomorrow. We have an early bird sale price of $49 through today only. Tomorrow the price will increase to $59. Texture Town will never close. Once you join the class, you will always have access to the lessons and the instructors too!

We hope that you come to visit us in our new online teaching venture! We want you to paint texture. We want you to paint OUTSTANDING texture.

Please click here for more information and to register.