A Really Good Art Journaling Workshop: $39

We are all having a REALLY great time in my Art Journaling workshop. Class is underway and you can still join in on the fun. Look what the students are saying so far:

"Julie, I loved the video! It gave me soooooo many ideas and a completely different POV. I may never look at anything the same way again!!!!"- Janet

"WOW, What a great discussion. You nailed it perfectly for me. For me this discussion alone was worth the class. Now I don't feel so bad and need to focus on the doing and not the getting. I have loved every minute of this class as well as Super Nova I."- Jane

"It's just getting better and better"- Elena

"The magazine is great! All those prompts will be sooo helpful. I especially love the technique prompts!"-Christen

"The magazine....GENIUS on your part. BIGTHANK YOU from me ;) I so appreciate all of the time that you put into your workshops."-Jill

I hope you consider joining in on the fun! We have 142 students sharing ideas and art..We're not only learning techniques, we're having a LOT of really thoughtful discussion! Click here to sign-up.