Back to School

I feel like I have been in school for about a month now.. thankful to have this crusade to push me to take a look at what in the hell I am doing..

I switched from a PC to a mac, bought a new camera, organized a new website, started up new online classes and decided to try and start a photpgraphy business... being a mom to my three year old, guiding my students...gettin 'er done.

Truth be told I do not know what the future holds for myself... all I know is it will be creative and it will be balanced. Searching for a balance between it all...THAT my friends, is what I am learning. (Aside from the new operating systems, camera, web get the idea.) I don't ever want to stop learning.. give it to me! Thanks, Michelle.'re new here? Get over to Michelle's monthly challenge blog and join in! What are you waiting for?