My friend Katie joined me for some shenanigans on Saturday... on the agenda, a photo shoot for Katie..this B&W was one of my favorite pics of the day. I'm learning new "stuff" on the Mark all the time..yearning for a class to come my way..


After all of the running around, Anna (who didn't have a photo shoot...but she will soon) joined us for a camp out/cook out..Example A: Anna's hot dog..


Side dish to the hot dogs, Pioneer Woman's Potato Bundles. Delicious... I mean.. REALLY delicious.



That's right....


Is your diet canceled yet?


S'mores too....


So Sunday night I made more potatoes.. this time I added more cream and parmigiano reggiano. Can you see the resulting sauce at the bottom of the foil packet? Sorry P Dub...this extra touch made the already fantastic potatoes reach "over the moon" well as my next pant size...but I can walk it off.


The evil eye...


My only complaint this weekend? This:


What the heck is this?? For those of you that don't know, I live in a linear route to the NFL Stadium here. Every home game, we get a "fly-over" just before kick off. It's the highlight of my week. My dad tunes into his police scanner listening for the "clear all air traffic....F-18's en route" signal..once given he speeds over to my place and we watch the horizon. My friend who is always at the games calls when the announcer gives the run to the street on our block and everyone anticipates the rumble of the fighter jets. Why am I telling you this? Because normally they are directly overhead. So low I can practically shout up, "Hey, Jimmy- how's the wife and kids?" So armed with my new zoom lens this season, ready to go, the military looks as if they have changed their route. Still loud...but I am not recording sound bytes for the ol' blog here....I want stills. I, schmafty... I'll get over it.

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