Disco phase 2

Disco phase 2 2

On May 1, I took this bundle of papers down from a palm tree in my back yard where it had been hanging for a little more than 2 months. Thanks to the Mediterranean Climate we have in the countryside over here, all I got was a few sheets of faded papers...the contents in the middle of the bundle remained virtually unscathed.  When Seth announced that the next phase of the collaboration would call for finished artwork featuring materials from our bundles, I decided to bury my bundle in my back yard....right in between two rose bushes.

And the story continues....


Last Monday I sent my three year old out to dig up the bundle... yah... I'm no dummy...I leave the heavy labor to my child. She dug for several minutes. (I told her there was "treasure"in there..)


Ahoy! The first sign of the bundle...the yarn that was used to hang it from the palm tree.. She gently pulled it up. There were only a few little bits of paper attached to it now... we kept digging.


Success? Total disintegration...this is all that was left of my bundle. The large piece is part of a security envelope.. thankfully it was partially plastic.. I couldn't believe this was all that was left..so I did what any artist would do..


I waited for my husband to come home and had him continue with the rocker box....cut me some slack..it was hot that day and my camera is very heavy. We went through every dirt clog and pile only to come up with a few more tiny bits. This was it...amazing!


I got my "CSI" on and carefully went through each piece with a brush, removing all of the loose dirt..


I realized the project while gingerly dusting each piece of paper... I must preserve the fragility and the simplicity of each piece. I had to highlight it... accentuate it.


I took apart and reassembled a shadow box to suit, added matte board and attached each piece to the composition...



I am in love with the dimension of this artwork...as well as the hints of blue and red that survived..my favorite!


Three cheers to my friend, Seth for  hosting such an amazing collaboration ... head over to see what the other (over 100!) artists have made!