I can't be an Artful Blogger Anymore.... for the meantime..

Happy Fourth of July!

I sold my old camera, my new camera is in the shop..I'm dead in the water over here. Canon says I have VIP three day repair service.. we'll see. Luckily, they are local here, so at least I don't have to ship the camera across country. Please don't ask me what happened to the camera, I am highly sensitive at the moment and cannot recount the story. What? Oh no...... I did not get to take any pictures with it yet. They'll fix it.. it's only a camera. Insert big sigh here...

So file photos..that's what you'll get. This is a picture of my daughter in July of 2006; she was 7 months old then and is 3.5 years now. Time flies by...she's really excited to color with Aunt Suzi this afternoon and watch some fireworks tonight. I'm excited too.

Be safe!