Buried treasure: I have lots of favorites on my blog... some go over with readers better than others.. but to me, they are all my babies. Bloglandia celebrations, collaborations... big fat journal pages, it's hard to highlight only one.. But I have to say, posts on the Land of Lost Luggage which contain video clips are my favorites by far.

When I bought my latest video camera, I started concentrating on capturing myself making art...those simple videos are some of my most  favorites. I need to get back into making vlog posts... I miss it.

Here is a video clip that originally aired on March, 7, 2009...enjoy!

Old Worn, Tattered and Torn


  9x12" journal page; click to enlarge

Someone should do a study...maybe I spend so much time creating these old, beat up pages so that I myself do not feel old and beat up.

This is an unusually busy weekend for me...Considering I have not left the house in months...I'm having some "fun time" this weekend. I'll share photos with you next week.

So in the meantime...here's one more speed painting video for you to enjoy.. it is the beginning process of the page above, before it hit the spray paint station in the garage. I hope you enjoy it!

PS- look at all of the artists participating in today's treasure hunt! Click here.