I have a big imagination.... and you can take my online workshop now!

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I sold my camera. I also sold my compact flash card with it. Oops! So as I am waiting for yet another package from the electronics store, check out this journal page.

So the beach is too hot and everything else gets too crowded on the Fourth of July? What do you do? You can take my online mixed media painting workshop! It's open now... I am in there and will answer all of your questions within 24 hours! You can click here for more details. (The course description says self guided because all of the videos are posted...there is no grace period between the videos allowing you time to practice before the next technique is added to the mix. You can do the assignments in any order and ask as many questions as you like...I am still there for all of the students!)

Thanks for stopping by....got any holiday weekend plans? We're staying home, hosting a nice little BBQ.. watching fireworks from the yard. How about you?