What you need to know..

portion of a journal page: digitally enhanced

What I know...what you know... a lot of my blog posts contain the word know.. I don't know why exactly...

What do you know? I know that I can recognize my hour of need.. During recent introspection, I spent time wondering what if all of the reading (magazines, books, interweb) were not acting to my benefit as an artist, but where in fact detrimental... what if all of the ideas were contaminating my true artist ability.. Should I disconnect? Would the art be more pure? Real? Raw?

Who in the hell knows. My friend told me that a good artist will be able to filter out the "contamination".. probably so. But I can't help but wonder how my art would feel if I was not exposed to so much of it.

So I am wondering...do you think that exposure to so much art is impacting art as we know it in a negative or a positive way? I don't mean the way that you are impacted by art...I mean the ART itself..

Curious to know your thoughts..