Thank you for purchasing an online workshop!

Thank you for your interest in the Lost Luggage Network! I will be sending you an invitation within 24  hours to the Lost Luggage Network. Please be on the look-out for it....don't forget to check your spam folder. Once I see that you are in the network, I will be sending you a second invitation into the GROUP where class has been held. See you online soon!  xo Julie

*Please email me immediately if your paypal email address differs from the email address you would like to be associated with your class!

*If you did not take the Layer Love course, and you sign up for Super Nova, you will be recieving TWO invitations to the network. One for the network and a second invitation to either or both of the Super Nova GROUPS.

NOTE: Layer Love Students Only: Accepting the invitation to the Lost Luggage Network after you have sent payment is your acknowledgment that there are NO REFUNDS at this time. Since the original Layer Love workshop has already run its course, all of the video and class materials are already online. 

In the event that you have sent payment for this course in error, you must contact me for a refund BEFORE you join the network.