Secret Lovers...that's what we are!


I am managing to get in some art time here and there....the page above is an example of my process outlined in my Layer Love online class. This is not an actual class sample..I am saving those for the students.


Same page...close up. After I paint my layers, I usually come in with spray paint for some added texture. I'll outline this at the end of class...showing you transformations of some of the class samples for additional inspiration.. Inspired?


Ahhh...delicious, deep, texture..


Here are some answers to some Layer Love frequently asked questions:

Can I contract the Swine Flu by watching your videos? No.

Can I watch the video at any time? Absolutely! The videos will be available on my network for you to watch whenever you want!

Will you kick me out of class if I do not finish by 6/24? Nope. June 24th is the day I am going to start weaning myself off the can carry on for as much as you like without me.

Can I download your videos? No. They are only available in the Lost Luggage Network.

I am in another time zone. Do I have to be online at a certain time for class? Nope. Paint when you want to!

You're hilarious. How are the videos? Strictly professional. No video hijinx while filming class.

Will this class be offered again? Who knows...I don't think so at this point, so don't miss out! Life is too short to be painting dull backgrounds! I want to teach new topics..

What are we making in class? Mama mia....I have 19 videos in this class showing you the techniques needed to complete 9 projects.. when you are finished with class, you will have Julification coming out of your pores.

Are you helpful? Hell yes. My fingers are bleeding over here as I help all of the students so far...come on into class.. I want you to learn these methods!

Come and join us!!