Greetings from the Land of Lost Luggage! I am recovering from a whirlwind of activity in the new Lost Luggage Network...I managed to get a little painting in this weekend.. This is a "state of my desk" shot.

Thanks for all of your feedback on my last video... good news (or bad news!) is that Suzi is here for a couple days and we're filming new antics.. I won't tell you what the video is about...but I will let you know that there are costumes involved. Ha.


Pictured above is the latest potty training incentive... meet our new fish named, "Roofa". My daughter is having a phase where she sees any inanimate object, adds an 'a' to the end and viola! Ergo, Roofa. I hope to god she doesn't try and sneak him into her bed while I am asleep... I always find toys in there that were not there when she was put in bed...

Don't forget! Registration for my Layer Love painting class is underway!! Check out the promotional video and click here to sign up!