Think of all the Layers you'll love!

Layer Love promotional video featuring Suzi Blu + Julie Prichard

It's a long weekend here...looking for something inexpensive to do without getting out of your jammies????


Lesson 2 Class Sample

We're just getting started In Layer Love! Over 180 artists are in the class network having fun, making GREAT art and meeting new friends! And yes.....I am answering every and night to make sure everyone has the best time possible!

You can register through tonight! When I wake up tomorrow, I have to close the doors.....for a really long time... There is no re-release date for Layer Love scheduled at this time.

The videos are High Definition....the instructor support is outstanding (if I do so say myself) and all of the students are really supportive to eachother too! Come on and join us! You don't have to finish class by 6/24...if you're going on vacation...don't worry...videos will be available to you until next Spring! (But mama's taking a teaching break on 6/24... lol)

Come on over to Layer Love!