One more day and I am closing registration for Layer Love!


Here is what we made in lesson one of my class....


and here is what I made with my background..

Layer Love registration closes tomorrow! The students are giving me great feedback if I do say so myself..and yes...I am in the forum every day..and yes, I take the time to answer every question in the group as soon as I can! I assure you...this is an excellent value at only $43!

Grab some paints this weekend and join us!!

Blogger friends: Typepad will not allow me to comment on your blogs...I miss you all, but I have been keeping up with my feed list even though I am not spreading my usual comment love at the moment..Typepad assures me that they are working on the issue... I refuse to create a blogspot account; I just want things that I pay for to that too much to ask? I smell a Lost Luggage website in the future...hear that Typepad?

One more time for my Promotional video co-starring my BFF Suzi Blu...