I love layering...and you will too!


 9x12" journal page; click to enlarge

It's been a HUGE dream of mine for a long time to teach art. I hemmed and hawed for a year before making my current online class. One year! Life is too short. When my friends used to caution me about being nervous in front of a group....that thought never crossed my mind. I am comfortable... I don't get nervous while speaking..

It's hard to explain.. When I was a gemology student, if my friends mentioned they were going to buy jewelry, I insisted on giving them a lesson so that when they went into the store, they would not get ripped off. When I was a manager in a jewelry store, I spent all my extra time teaching my employees gemology (when the company would not pay their tuition) so that they could feel confident in front of customers... when corporate caught wind of my knowledge.. I soon began traveling store to store.. spreading the gemology wealth. I love it! That career spanned 20 years!

So..when people started asking me about teaching online classes, I knew I could do it. Making layered backgrounds is my passion. I was asked to write an article in Somerset Art Journaling magazine about my process last January.. Emails continued to come in..and Layer Love was born.

You will not feel "empty" after my class. My videos are clear and concise..but not remedial. It is my dream to pass my techniques on to you...no BS. no fluff. Honest.

If you're looking to learn a new style..hop aboard the Layer Love train. We're painting NINE projects during the course...featuring 19 videos shot in high definition. I want you to feel comfortable with this process! I am already available for students who have product questions and art questions in general.. the network is coming to life...join us!

Will this class run again? I don't know. My gut is to film a new class with a new topic at some other time... I hope you can get the layering technique down so that we can explore other techniques such as the art journal page pictured above. We can grow!

edit: All paying students for the Layer Love class will have access to all instructional content for as long as they need after the end date of the class. I will not remove anyone from the network..so do not feel that you are limited to completing all lessons within the posted time period. June 24th is the date that I am going to put my feet up and have a beer..you are more than welcome to carry on with Layer Love for a long, long time!

These videos will only be available through the network. They are not downloadable. You can only view them on the network for my protection. In the future, we will consider offering downloadable video.

Refunds will only be given prior to the start date of the session.