Online Class: Registration now open!

Layer Love Online Workshop!

By popular demand, the workshop remains open!!

Join instructor Julie Prichard and over 220 students as we learn beautiful painting techniques you can apply to your artwork, journal, whatever!

When the original class launched back in May, 2009, I released 2 videos per week. At this time, all videos are available in the network; there is no down time and all students can learn at their own pace.

Once you register for class, you will gain access to the network where you can read all of the discussion forums and view all of the videos! Students will have full access to the Layer Love group through Spring of 2010, so there is no rush for you to watch and paint all of the lessons.

Click here to watch the promotional video for this class.

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***Because you will have all class materials available to you the minute you log onto the network, there are absolutely no refunds available.***

Layer Love Online Mixed Media Workshop $43 USD

Student Testimonials:
Deborah: Julie, I joined your classes for the first time last night and I was up until after midnight soaking in as much as my brain could take until I had to go to sleep! I couldn't even sleep in this morning because I was so excited to get back online and see what comes next. I am telling all my friends about your classes! Thank you for putting this all together and sharing it with us! You are making the world a better place one artist at a time!

Janie: Julie, i am really enjoying your got in the way and i am only on lesson3 but i had the BEST time today with all of my paints and mediums.....i am in the drying process right now!!!!! time for coffee......BIG hugs

Carolyn: Julie,
I know this has been said, but I want to say it for myself. THANK YOU! I haven't figured out how to upload my pictures, cut I'll figure that out before your next class. I want to tell you that this was a FABULOUS way to take a class. I learned so much (and more to come....I'm behind). I also can't thank you enough for leaving the videos a bit longer, so that I can make it. Deadlines are such bummers. Your style is awesome. The format, allows me to go back and here what you said and try EVERYthing. I'm a hands-on learner and when taking a class in purpose, I take notes and try to do as much as I can, but this allows me to make sure I try it all. For me it's been a huge success. I want to thank all those that did share, because I learned from the pages you shared....thank you all.

Kelly: I appreciate sooooo much that you offered your talents and knowledge to share with the world.... to give those who haven't had the courage to express their creativity the encouragement to do so.... to give those of us who feel stuck new ways to go about expressing ourselves.

You are an inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste :)

Janet: Thank you, Julie, for all the time and effort you put into this class. It's been a pleasure being in your first class. I know that I'll look back on this time as a turning point in my art.

Carmen: I am behind but i am so glad you are going to let us keep watching these videos to reaffirm the lessons and techniques.
Again, THANK YOU!!!

and you bet! I am in for any of your future classes. you are a great teacher

Rosie: OMGosh, I have enjoyed these lessons so much - thank you! And I shall be taking your next class too - you are a super-skilled teacher. Magick!

Kari: This has been such a fun class Julie and you've been a fantastic teacher. I've learned so much. I hate goodbyes but we aren't done yet - Sept will be here before we know it. :)

Dawn: This class was awesome!!! Thank you so much Julie!! I am still back on lesson 5 (short on time) and still need to share my pictures. I have watched every video and they are all so awesome!! You ROCK as a teacher!! I have learned so much. I can't wait to see what you have to offer next. YAY for Julification!!!

Karen: Julie...loved the class! I have made some beautiful journal pages and your techniques are awesome! Love, love, love the polymer medium (which I had never used) and have discovered the beauty of glazing medium. Can't wait until your journal class...

Christen: I was kind of sad today when I realized there wouldn't be a new lesson up, even though I'm still working on this one. thank you for such a great class, Julie! I definitely want to take your art journal class in the fall.

Carol-Leigh: Julie, I thoroughly enjoyed all your lessons and learned a lot. I really appreciate all the planning you had to do, all the technical challenges you probably had to hurdle, and how you put everything together. Your videos were clear and you came across very well. I was afraid there'd be a lot of idle chit-chat to wade through while getting to the heart of what you were teaching, but nope, you were clear, concise and professional, which made your videos truly worthwhile. Ick, that sounded so pompous! I didn't mean it to be. What I mean to say is thank you for creating a fun and informative set of lessons. You did great!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I watch the video at any time? Absolutely! The videos will be available on my network for you to watch whenever you want!

Can I download your videos? No. They are only available in the Lost Luggage Network.

I am in another time zone. Do I have to be online at a certain time for class? Nope. Paint when you want to!

You're hilarious. How are the videos? Strictly professional. No video hijinx while filming class..

What are we making in class? Mama mia....I have 19 videos in this class showing you the techniques needed to complete 9 projects.. when you are finished with class, you will have Julification coming out of your pores.

Are you helpful? Hell yes. My fingers are bleeding over here as I help all of the students so far...come on into class.. I want you to learn these methods!


Julie Prichard is a mixed media artist and photographer from San Diego, CA. Her recent publication credits include articles written for the premier issue of Somerset Art Journaling and the winter issue of Artful Blogging.