Thank god it's can say that again!


 100mm macro shot of a dead rose; how I feel coming into the weekend..

Friends! I need a vacation! I've been working my fingers to the bone getting ready for my online class... (yes! the class that I am teaching!)to the bone! I have some obligations coming up the next couple of weekends, so I had to cram everything in this week..videos will be finished up today... just adding a few more audio tracks..and then it's off to big time fun time weekend!


a special gift

I'm picking up Becci tomorrow morning! Becci and I have been blog friends through the Street Team for a long time..and when she mentioned her sister lives near me, we scheduled a visit! Not just any visit, I conned Becci into taking the Mermaid Workshop at Casa de Blu this weekend. Yay!! Two days of Club Suzi...exciting!


phase one of the disintigration collaboration ends May 1!

So many things have been percolating in my little head for so long. I am looking forward to setting them free and getting down to business with new and exciting ventures.

I'll attempt posting from my blackberry during the class..otherwise, I'll be back Monday afternoon with a full report!

Thank you for coming a long for the ride...and have a great weekend!