When I signed up to take Suzi's upcoming Mermaid Workshop... I had no idea that she was moving to San Diego so soon. I also had no idea that we would start an awesome friendship... It's the kind of friendship where off the bat we 'get' each other.. we have similar goals...and we both love a lot of the same things. It's the kind of friendship where ideas are spinning...and percolating.... and..well... I can't wait for more days with Suzi Blu.

So I am working hard on making audio tracks for the class videos that are "in the can"... and it's cutting into my art time.. But I am happy to report that there is progress on my Graffiti Wall collaboration with Seth and Lynne. Do you remember the last progress report I showed you?



Here is where the wall stands now:




Happily adding paint here and there...waiting for the painting to tell me when it is finished. Reading books, searching through magazines...always craving inspiration....what are you craving? Quench your thirst!


Only one more of my hand made journals left! If you like blue..and black...then take a look! This journal has an itty bitty mark on the text block...the mark does not bleed into the interior...therefore, this last journal comes with a free original 5x5 painting! Click here to purchase Deep Pool.