Don't stop believing!


 Shari, Mike, Nina, Jill, Prof. Luggage

Last Saturday I taught my first class at Cat's Craft Cupboard. It was so much fun!! So...yah, class..blah, blah..right? Wrong...these students were fun AND excellent!


Shari, Cat, Nina, Jilly, Moi

So we cracked some jokes...laughed a lot and when the time came to get busy...they were able to crank out two (well...almost two) really fantastic projects! A lively group for sure!



 Mike mastering Julification


Shari loves layers!!


Nina was a quick study in the art of Julification!


Look! My samples are the 8x8's...the students made the others! Fabulous!!

Did I ever think I could have had so much fun teaching? No. But I gave it a whirl...and I am in love! To see the participants make something so awesome...that was it. So..I won't stop believing! I'm teaching journaling at Cat's sometime in June...stay tuned!

So while searching for the video of Journey performing "Don't Stop Believing, I found this...and I added it to the post. Why? Because this is my blog and I actually loved this ending. So there.

Check out Cat's blog for more action shots on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week...and we used Claudine Hellmuth's new paints for color...check them out here!