Beautiful new hand painted journals available now!


Here they are! Five new hand painted, hand sewn journals using only the best "ingredients" for you! Professional grade acrylic and spray paint, Fabriano paper, fine linen book cloth and hard covers.

My journals will stand up to very high levels of abuse. In the shot above, you can see one of the journals filled with julification. Julification? Paint, water, scratching, rubbing...distress...did I mention water? These journals won't even flinch.

You get 44 pages (counted front and back) that will be ready for you to sketch, water color, spray paint, doodle, write your get the idea.. Each journal is priced at $45. A STEAL considering how long it takes me to make each's like buying TWO original paintings from my shop..only they are highly functional.

Each journal is signed, numbered and dated on the inside margin...I have also handwritten the name of each journal discretely on the inside of each back cover. The paper has a beautiful deckled edge and each book measures approx. 8.75"x6.75".

Let's meet the journals!


Bleeding Heart features vintage French text collaged on the front and back covers, many layers of paint and a semi-gloss finish. The perfect companion to your innermost secrets. (You can click on each image to enlarge.) SOLD


Acid Rain is the sister journal to a recent journal page I completed here. I love this rich color combination. Spray painted mono-printing grace both covers. We'll be painting just like this in my upcoming online class debuting May 18th. (Details coming soon.) This journal's covers have a glossy surface.  SOLD


Cleanse is a multi-layered journey for your senses... Bronze, turquoise and green meld together to create this beautiful journal. Light spray painting on the cover adds an urban flare. (I feel like I am writing for the J. Peterman catalogue!) SOLD


The Heartbreaker is my favorite this round..I think..Heartbreaker has a lot of visual texture within it's layers and the ever so slight hint of fine gold interference paint layered over the brown. Rich Color! (By the way..these colors..on all of the journals are NOT enhanced in Photoshop. The photographs are very very true to the actual color in person.) SOLD




Finally, Deep Pool layers my most favorite shades of blue and only a slight touch of green. Deep Pool is a semi-gloss, almost  matte finish along the lines of my first few batches of journals. Now..Deep Pool has a small flaw on the bottom of the pages (see the photo shown below), along the outside edge of the text  block. The stray ink is contained to the edge of the journal only. Rather than throw out the text block (this paper is much too beautiful to waste), I am offering a FREE 5x5" original canvas with the purchase of the Deep Pool journal only. The free canvas is to compensate for the flaw in the finished Deep Pool journal. (edit: everyone who saw the flaw today in person said it did not effect the beauty of hte journal at all.) SOLD





free 5x5 canvas with the purchase of Deep Pool


To order any of these journals, please call Cat at her shop: 1-760-480-8114. Click here to order! You can arrange to pick the journal up at Cat's Craft Cupboard or Cat will ship it to you for a small fee. Cat can take Paypal and Credit Cards!


I appreciate all of your business....thank you so much for your support!