Scraps of heaven....


When I entered into the Graffiti Wall collaboration with Seth and Lynne, I had no idea of the level of inspiration and creativity that would occur.. take a look at some of the papers I have received:


Papers from Seth and Lynne for our collaboration; click photo to enlarge.

Every piece is different....every matter the size, is magnificent.. As I sit here sorting through the piles I am truly star struck. Paint, ink, collage, texture, transfers,'s all here. Amazing work from two really talented job is to put it all together now. But how?

I have a 2'x3' wood panel now....awaiting beautification...and julification, no less. My plan is to cover the board with these papers, add in my own papers, and finish with some paint on top to tie it all together. When? Time will a great book...I need to touch and hold these papers for a few days...I have to memorize them and let them speak to me...and oh, they're talking alright!

I can't thank you guys enough for this collaboration...