In the mood for love?


  2009 Valentine close-ups

I went out yesterday...ran some errands and got hit by the love bug... all this pink, red, hearts...what's a girl to do except rush home and whip up a batch of scrap Valentine's.

So that you can get a taste of the love bug too, I am offering FREE SHIPPING for all US orders in my etsy shop! My etsy shop? It's where you can get really great, original art for only a little bit of money. This won't be a permanent offer here in Luggage World...but for a few days, buy a painting and the priority shipping is on me. I'm proud of every painting in my shop..I hope you find something you like too!

Have a great weekend! My paper in cage is out in the cold, getting a little shower.. I can't tell you how many times I looked out the window yesterday and wanted to bring it out of the cold...