Watch them all fall down....


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Texture Town. My focus on my second installment of the Graffiti Wall collaboration. Layers and layers....keep adding more. Don't forget to let the last one dry before the next one goes down. Key.

The Pet Shop Boys won some sort of award in Britain....Perez Hilton included their medley video on his blog and I am in love... I can't believe I didn't have any Pet Shop Boys music in my itunes library...what kind of an 80's fan am I??? This is not the video....but it's a great medley too!

And now for your Friday entertainment.... My daughter is drawing smiley faces now...on everything. I don't know why...we've never had a discussion on how to draw a smiley face...friends and family have been receiving cards with the straight mouthed drawings for a few weeks now....but in recent developments, they all are wearing hats now....(the circle that looks like a halo)...when asked what the large scribble opposite the "hat" was, she replied, "He's mad. He got into a crash with the bad driver." Glad to know there is only one bad driver.....