Video killed the radio star..

my first movie

The guacamole is all gone, and the beer has been moped up. We are pretty sure that this was our 10th annual Super Bowl Party...probably the 4th (?) Official Beer Pool? We're a little fuzzy...always great fun to see how the beers will stack up. This year we actually had a tie- so a sip-off ensued. The winning beer, as voted by all: Kronenbourg 1664; brought by first time guest, "Mark-O". Hooray!

Now..about the collaboration. Seth, Lyyne and I are trading papers back and fourth for a few months until we come up with enough to build our very own graffiti art. I'll post pictures of what I receive in my first round of packages soon...but the video above will give you a little story and picture of what I sent. Instead of tearing up my pieces, I took in the practice of working in large format and made paintings that the others can cut and tear at their leisure. I really liked working this large. It's going to be difficult working small again!

Making the video was awesome...and really easy.. I've ordered a small pocket camera so that the next video for the collaboration will include video of me actually painting the pieces instead of stills. I hope you like what I've made so far....I love this process! Thank you for coming by to take a look! See you soon!