I spent Valentine's day in Urgent Care....seeking a diagnosis for my respiratory ailment...but don't feel sorry for me...

My mother made the mistake of presenting my daughter with one of those "record-a-greeting" fancy Valentine' know...the one where Grandma records her crazy old woman voice and the greeting plays every time you open the card? (Long time friends know where I am going with this....)

So, distracted by my cold, I hear my daughter (age 3) in the other room  saying, "It is! Shut up, Grandma!"...again.."It is! Shut up, Grandma!" I head over to see what she is doing..and sure enough. That's when I heard mother, in her pre-recorded glory, "Hi, Kate! It's Grandma! Happy Valentine's Day!"...too good to be true!

I spent the next several minutes prank calling my mother...when she answered the phone, I played the card into the receiver. Priceless... hysterical every time. Especially since everyone knows old people don't have caller id..

So no art this weekend...more rest and recuperation....but I did want to tell you about a give-away on my friend Laura's blog:


Head over to Laura's blog and check out her it. Everyone knows I know jewelry (Seriously! I really KNOW jewelry.)...well, Laura has "the eye".. she's making hip, affordable and QUALITY jewelry...with gemstones and sterling silver. She's going to be famous one day...I know it. So head over to her blog, check her etsy shop and link back to her blog for a chance to win a chic pair of pearl earrings!

All in good fun, Mom....we're not laughing AT you...........