Dark. Period.


Drawback to the large journal: pages will not fit on my scanner bed.

Public Service Announcement:

  1. I like to respond to all comments left on my blog. Let it be known that if you do not leave your correct email address, I can't respond. Call me old fashioned, but I think it is terribly rude for comments to go ignored.......or worse, the group, "thank you so much for all your comments but I'm really too busy to answer my fan mail" post... whatever. Leaving comments builds community....if you can't answer them, then may I suggest you disable comments in your posts.
  2. We're accepting applications for lead comedy writer at Casa de Luggage. Please email your resume if you are interested in the position. There is no pay.

  3. Please also let it be known that my short temper is do to a persistent head cold which I can't shake....and crimany..I can't film video with my flip camera with a head this puffy.

Thank you for your cooperation.