Late to the ball....never.

Alicia and I started out last Saturday afternoon in Balboa Park around 4pm..the park was filled with photographers. We saw weddings being shot, engagement sessions, holiday sessions..everything. But as it got darker, that's when Alicia and I had the most fun... we had a couple of slow lenses with us because we had no idea we would be out in the dark so long. As the other photographers were snug in their beds, look at what we found. (My ISO on the Mark was cranked up to "11" (AKA "holy hell") on most of these...a little grain never hurt anyone, right?)

Alicia's first trip out with her new Canon T1...rock it! She called my attention to the next shot:

Landscaping growing over in-ground lighting...all of these pics are SOOC.

I am thankful to live in this beautiful city with my

family and friends

and I am thankful for all of the online friendships that this forum has provided me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.