When your friend is Mary Poppins...what could be so bad about that?

Painting by Fernando Botero: Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA

Yesterday I had a great time with Kelly Snelling in Orange County. Kelly mentioned this art exhibit on her blog a few weeks ago and we made a date to see it together. Kelly is the best...

Having only met Kelly once before, I was floored to find out that she stocked her handbag with toys and books to surprise Kate with along the way... Kate is in LOVE with Kelly. "Can Kelly come to our house?" We had such an awesome day. Thank you, Kelly!

Now...speaking of Kelly.. Kelly and Ruth Rae published a really cool jewelry book and they are currently auctioning off all of the "book jewelry" on ebay where the proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Koman foundation. How cool would it be to own a piece of jewelry that was featured in a book? Cool provenance if you ask me.. head over to ebay to check out the jewelry and place a bid!