of course I am available...

I think the Universe made me sick in bed the last few days for a reason....it was so that I could gather enough rest for what is going to be a rip-roaring weekend at Casa de Luggage.


close-up of this painting..

Neighborhood garage sale Saturday, public art debut Saturday night......SCREECH! What? I did it. HA! I've got the entire window display, 5 original paintings in all, at Cat's! If you're in Southern California, please stop by to take a look! The collection is love themed, so it is perfect for Valentine's day! If you visit, please tell Cat that Julie sent you. I appreciate your support!!

And theeeeeennnn.... Kate's birthday parties (one for the family, one for the kids) PLUS the Charger game! We are so excited for the weekend..

Off to put the finishing touches on my new collection..sneak peeks next week. Have a great weekend, and thank you for your visit!