Mercy sakes alive....


By the time we got into tulsa town, we had eighty-five trucks in all. But theys a roadblock up on the cloverleaf, and them bears was wall-to-wall.....wait a second...sorry about that...I get carried away when I type along to itunes...

Mercy sakes alive....I started out the new year by sewing 12 heart shaped mini-art quilts yesterday that the girly girls can decorate at said upcoming birthday party. They measure about 9" across and have ribbon loops so they can hang them around somewhere. I'll give them some buttons, ric rac, and various other pieces of jibber jabber they can affix on each heart at the party.

Happy first weekend of 2009....see you Monday. BOLTS!

Editors Note:

Carminita de Salchicha, Llame a casa por favor. La madre es preocupante.