Crusade 27 

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Hidy ho, Crusaders! Happy January.


There is a new love in my life.....

Kate sunny2

It started last year with capturing sun flare in pictures....and grew into my current passion for creating bokeh.


Even funner yet is the new set of bokeh textures I ordered from Michelle Black (she's having a sale)..It's the mysterious quality...ghostlike...that gets me every time...kind of a Close Encounters moment.. I'm, just drawn to it.. So is it a shape? Yes indeed.


Carve a stamp ( can never find the right sized bubble wrap when you need it.)


will be a journal cover soon...


will be another journal cover soon....

I spend a lot of time waiting for the paint to dry to the precise level of dryness only to rub it off to make the circles transparent...yet defined. (I admit it...I am out of my mind.)


9x12" page.....

 So there you have it. my journal...forever... what shape are you in? I want to know.