Chalk drawings 

My street art..ready to welcome the next group of door-to-door activists. I do not like them.

Chalk drawings two 

I mean, I am sure that's their job and I appreciate that they are able to walk around and talk politics without getting shot..but I don't like them coming to my door. Especially when they announce that they live down the street....and especially since my political views probably won't mirror theirs.. take Prop 8 for example.

Embrace change 

please buy this painting.

According to my soliciting neighbors, I am supposed to vote to restore the definition of marriage as a union between a woman and a man. But what if two men or two women really love and respect each other? They asked me what I thought should be taught in schools. I dunnoo....math and science?

Get to the chopper copy  

Henry Hill moment...where was I? Oh. I used to drive past this apartment on the way to work in the OC...every day there was a random message taped inside the window. My favorite? "I live here". I used to love driving by that window. She uses chalk...they use spray paint. Love them both. I will continue my chalk messages. Ode to the apartment window.