Back into the tool shed...

Mail art plus solder copy 

It takes a long time to get back into your groove after a prolonged art absence.. A recent call for a special piece of mail art was my motivation.

A few weeks ago I almost made my final piece of mail art when I learned that the piece potentially did not meet it's final destination...luckily, it was a mere doorman mishap. I am happy to be able to take back all of the ill feelings I psychicallly sent to the USPS.

So now that I am in the garage (there is no tool shed; just trying to make a catchy title), it is so much easier to get out the big boy tools. I'm talking dremel, soldering iron...rusty stuff... Finally, I get variety.

But with variety comes a string of more worries... If I'm not journaling, I am in the unknown...out of practice. Is journaling my final destination on the art tour? What if there is too much switching around on the old blog here.... digital, journaling, canvas..soldering... I fear Crafters ADD is coming back...If I switch around too much, am I missing the big picture? Crimany...what is the big picture?

I don't know.