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Man oh man. I have a serious case of writer's block in my new journal! This has never happened before.. It's all painted, collaged and ready to go too. I keep throwing around the idea that I should sell the entire journal so someone else can use it...but I can't part with this one because my initial intention was to keep it for myself.

As I sit here with a blank stare at my journal, I keep reading similar comments on everyone's blog. How is it that so many of us echo the same thoughts and feelings? I wonder if this has always been the case or if it is just more apparent since we are all more easily accessible to each other via blog land these days.. I read books and I think to myself...self?  This could have came out of my mouth. Weird.

So now I wonder what it takes to be truly unique...what makes one of us different? Nah..I don't believe that we are all each unique in our own ways...not with all of these similarities floating around in cyber-space...how are there so many???........I think I might have just unlocked my writer's block.