Hello friend

Hope you all had a fun weekend! We were able to visit with some long-time friends, spend time with new friends and finish up a lot of stuff on the house. (Yes...still working on the house.) Big housewarming party next Sunday for opening day where I am planning NOT to serve this:

Not guac

(See photo) This is a picture of my lunch yesterday. I realize that there are a lot of people who do not have a heavy Hispanic population in their town, nor regular access to California grown avocados (there IS a difference!) so I feel it my duty to inform everyone who reads my blog, the substance in the photo above is NOT guacamole. It's not even close. Don't let restaurants fool you! Places like this give guacamole a bad name. (I won't even start to get into what people in Washington state call Mexican food vs. what real live Mexicans cook...)

Signed, Self appointed Mexican chef and tortilla chip expert.

PS- Seth is still typing away over at The Altered Page...you added him to your feeds, right?