Bad religion copy  

We think one of these kids is my uncle....but none of us can pick him out of the shot.

I mentioned this to JeriAnn yesterday...somewhere along the line, I stopped painting two or three pages and am now fixated on wrapping up the entire paint process in the journal before going on to the next step...which makes for boring posts in Luggage Land...nothing is ready. So I collaged an entire journal, am almost done painting all of the backgrounds...and should have some new finished pages next week. Until then, I thought I would brush up on some digi-collage skills. I love these communion innocent.

I'm still leaving a word on the sidewalk every night...under the cloak of darkness is when I strike..chalk in hand. I am bewildered to see people pass by without scratching their heads and looking towards the house. Ha...lots of people are way too busy. Not me. My plate is clean.

Two of the kids I used to babysit are getting married this about feeling old. They are 30 already! In my mind we're still mooning the pizza guy and running berserk while the parents are out to dinner. Good times....

Have a great weekend! Thank you for all of your visits and feedback this week!