Natural Selection

Certain death 

A break from our regular programming for Luggage Geographic...

Everyday I rescue at least one insect from certain death in the swimming pool. Big ones, small ones, I am a pro with the skimmer and I am sure can be seen by google earth running in and out of the child gate with a 15 foot pole.. If not rescued, they will surely meet certain death by being swept into the filter when the pump is running.

On patrol this morning with my trusty assistant, I spotted a caterpillar on the very edge of the pool coping, chugging along the length of the pool. Weird I thought....

The pathway 

Looking a little further in front of him I saw another caterpillar on the same path! Wondering if it was the same guy, I looked back towards the original fella and noticed he had fallen into the pool, without breaking the surface! He was floating with the current towards the skimmer...oh no! I sprang into action.


Canon Rebel Xti; 100mm macro lens.

I saved him and put him into the planter...only to notice about 7 more caterpillars in a mass exodus from our lawn and all heading towards the pool! A strange sight indeed!


Where are they going...and why? Of course I immediately think "earthquake"...but there is not the usual quiet...birds are all acting looks normal. Kevin mowed the lawn last night..maybe they didn't like that... Alas, I had to "let it go" and I will hope they make their journey down the length of the pool safely. The crossing guard has to go to the grocery store this morning.