Take Your Pulse {and the final Luggage Studio Tour}

This week with Seth over at the Altered Page, you can take a close look into the studios of your favorite artists! This may be my favorite installment of this "edition" yet. Don't forget to click over and take a peek!

Now to humor Dymphie, here are my final studio shots for you to see.. I last took pictures of the space on un-packing day back in July (that long already??)...you can see the before shots here.


Butterfly decals line my doorway....a gift from my friend..

Dice and temp 

Is it hot in here? I always need to know what the temperature is...not sure why..

The ledgers 

I'm looking for the perfect picture of my best friend to fit in that red frame..don't you love it? Pictured to the right are the ledgers I frequently rip apart for collage.

On the shelf 2 

I am not sure what I am going to do with these boxes yet...but I like to look at them.


On this day I got a lovely package full of ephemera from Dneese! Thanks,Dneese!

Inspiration wall 

What remains of my big-ass stamp collection. All the others sold last weekend. On top...a few of my favorite art works.

In progress desk 

I know I said in the last post that my house and studio were clean.. LOL...but this is what happens during the collage stage of my process. "Love and Bunnies" is a messy journal..anything and everything is going into it, much like my first journal "Color Binge". I am challenging myself to get collagy with this one.. I was very clean in the last journal. I'll collage the book, then slop some paint around and then clean up. Julification is a tidy step using only few supplies..and spray paint is applied in the garage. (My pages are always open like that to dry.)

Spray paint 

I keep sitting down to burn more stencils...but I don't like burning stencils. I think that it is my least favorite creative process. Boring. Using stencils? Fun. Making them= boring.

That's all for the tour, friends! If you have anything in the coat check, please head over there to pick it up before you leave.