In one word......


The chalk drawings continue. I decided that instead of writing sentences on the sidewalk, I would continue with writing one word at a time. This way, I won't have to explain myself and pedestrians can think for themselves..."what the?" Today's word: Texas.

Taking flight 

in progress

I am not a lady painting artist...but I bought this book anyway. I have to admit...Kelly Rae's paintings are really nice to look at! Flipping quickly through the pages this afternoon, I thought to myself...self? Why did you go out and buy this don't paint ladies or hardly collage with pattern paper anymore either...what gives?

I am happy to report that I am reading through the techniques and remembering things I forgot and learning new things at the same time! There is always something to learn somewhere. Did you know Kelly was a social worker? I was also happy to read that because now I can read the nitty gritty portions of the book and continue my quest to find out why I think I am so crazy. This book performs double duty. Well worth the money.