Looking for something to read?


Aside from picking out tile and worrying about home repair costs, I did a lot of reading this summer. It was a nice break in the day to day hustle to escape into a good art book while my art supplies were noticeably absent.

The bookshelf

1000 Journal Pages: I bought two copies. One for me, one for you. (I have not read it yet because I am writing this post into the future...but I am taking it on the plane with me!) All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (one per person please) and I will draw one lucky winner when I get back from vacation! I know there are a lot of art journal fans with me in Luggage-ritaville...I hope everyone doesn't already own this beauty! You can enter to win through August 10th.

edit: Congratulations to Dasa! Dasa wins the copy of the book. Please email me your shipping information so I can send it out to you! Thanks for visiting!

The giveaways are how I would like to show my appreciation to you. Luggage appreciation day. (Don't email me about your suitcase.) In 5th grade, while I was running for the student council position of "Commissioner of Religious Activities" at St. Therese Academy, I passed out Jolly Ranchers with  my campaign materials...I was quickly punished and told I couldn't bribe anyone for their vote. I still won the election (I think I ran unopposed) and guess who was excused from class every Monday for one hour to take 3 friends to go and clean the church? Yah. That was me. Suckers.

Where was I...OH. I REALLY appreciate you guys who visit me every day! I really do. If I could give you a Jolly Rancher, I would!