You probably think this post is about you.


How's it going? I'm still in the future here...on vacation. I wish I knew what I would be doing; that would make writing this a lot more interesting. Ha!

Work table

I am totally into painting. Even though I am covering up a lot of the page space with ephemera and other jibber jabber, I still spend a lot of time painting backgrounds with acrylic paints. I know it seems un-important, but I think there is some sort of therapeutic element in the painting for me. Since I can't draw, I also like to think that painting shows that I have some level of talent. I think it makes me feel important. (I have issues.) Something new in this journal- every page starts out with a layer of Titan Buff and I am not using white to mix any of the paint. It's all in the buff. (Sorry...I had to.)