Will remain

What is with me? I can't make anything that I know what I am going to make when I sit down to make it. Confused? Me too.

If I join a swap to make 15 grunge bookmarks....I draw a blank. If I decide to send mail art to someone...blank. If I try to participate in a themed event...ditto. I torture myself, look like the writer with wads of paper on the floor by the wastebasket..you know. But when I make my own journal pages? Simple. I am really happy with them too. So what gives?

It's not the trying-to-make-something-for-someone-else syndrome...I think it's more along the lines of a let-your-brain-do-whatever-the-f-it-wants syndrome. (Did you read my interviews with myself? I think I can chalk this one up to Catholic school too.) This syndrome, I'll call it LYBDWTFIW for short, is probably the reason I gave up my photography major in college...I remember specifically hating the fact that the teacher was telling me what to photograph.

So if any fancy doctor types happen by my blog...I would appreciate a free diagnosis please. By the way..I know I am not crazy because crazy people insist they are not crazy. I keep asking myself if I indeed am crazy. Ha.