Rough days ahead

I guess you never really know how your life is going to turn out.. What path you will be heading down on any particular day. Where you will be in 30 years...

Be tough. Be strong.. Don't let the other guy see you down. Isn't that how we grew up? I'm not really sure how or why I feel like writing this for the world to see...

This did not work. My little brother (only brother) looked me straight in the eye yesterday and with courage and a sense of calm, explained to me that he indeed has cancer again. The third time. "It's a very aggressive cancer" were his exact words. We knew the cancer had returned about a month ago. We didn't know to what extent it had spread.

So he will have experimental treatments (which started yesterday) and support. Trips (some in other states) to specialists to find out why. Why stem cell treatment for all those weeks failed.

People say "It's the biggest battle you will face." They are right.

So if you pray, I'd appreciate the thoughts this way...happy thoughts. Healing thoughts. It's going to be a rough time.

I won't mention it every day...but this is where my head is a lot of the time. I just thought you should know. I think it is healthy to let it out...I don't care what the other guy thinks.